Two mums win shopping vouchers in Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May promotion

Atonia Mailangi of Kolofo’ou and Vinola Fili of Kolonga Tongatapu each won a $200 shopping voucher for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Top Up & Opt In to win $200 shopping vouchers Promotion.

Mailangi won the shopping voucher for mothers at the Molisi Save supermarket while Fili won the shopping voucher for fathers at the Pacific Timber & Hardware.

They are the first winners for this weekly promotion.

Mailangi said although this voucher means more to her, she knows her children will be very happy with this opportunity to shop for free at the Molisi Save supermarket. This is the first time that she has won a prize from Digicel.

“As a mother I really feel special to receive this gift and I’m grateful to Digicel,” she said.

Mailangi tops up with $10 every week and buys data plans so she could communicate with her families and friends living overseas. She said she will share about the promotion with her community so that they will know about it and join in too.

Fili, who won the shopping voucher for fathers, said, “My husband will be the happiest man here on earth to receive this gift for Father’s Day.”  

She said her husband and children use her phone for internet and communicating with their families overseas. They spend mostly on data plans every week.

“We enjoy the good data experience with Digicel, especially to post on social media and do video call with the families,” she said.

“Thank you Digicel for always putting a broad smile on people’s faces especially during this difficult time and lockdown,” she added.

The Top Up & Opt In Promotion is giving away a share $1600 worth of shopping vouchers to winners who top up $5 or more and buy plans for a chance to go into a weekly draw to win a weekly $200 shopping voucher each for mothers and fathers.

Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Promotions will run until the end of the month.