Digicel Tonga names diaspora promotion winners

Digicel Tonga has announced final winners for the Diaspora ‘More for your Family’ promotion for the month of July.

Akulina Talalima, Katinia Makineti, Kayleen Hurrel, Malia Koleti have each own prizes.    

The purpose of the promotion is to celebrate the family which is commemorated in May.

In some Pacific islands including, Children’s Sunday as well as Mother’s & Father’s Day are celebrated in May.

The Diaspora ‘More for your family’ promotion was to tie in the idea of giving back to families in Tonga by sending them a top-up to be in the draw.

Senders from New Zealand & Australia were urged to send top-up home of more than $20TOP so that the receiver could be eligible to be in the draw.

The draw was conducted every Friday of which a shared cash of $20,000USD is to be won by winners/receivers in Tonga.

The More for Your Family promotion has now been extended from 27 July to 28 September with cash prizes to be won.