Miss Heilala runner up to represent Tonga in Supermodel International World final

Miss Heilala 2017 first runner up, Titania Tiara Monic Matekuolava will compete in the Supermodel International World final in Thailand next year.

The 22-year-old Tongan – New Zealand resident will represent Tonga after she was crowned as Miss International Supermodel Tonga 2018.

Matekuolava was selected after she represented Tuitui Fashions during New Zealand’s Face of Beauty International Ltd’s Super Model competitions at the Panmure’s Imperial Palace Event Centre in Auckland early this month.

Tuitui Folauhola Tonobar, the Director of Tuitui Fashions Show said the result has inspired her in many ways.

Tonobar said Matekuolava was picked by the New Zealand company after it followed her during the Miss Heilala 2017 beauty pageant contest.

Kaniva News reports Matekuolava was sponsored by Tuitui Fashions Show for the Miss Heilala 2017.

She became second to Ophelia Kitiliti Kava who was crowned Miss Heilala 2017.

Matekuolava’s attempt to win the Heilala competition’s Miss Talent was unsuccessful and she could not make it to the top 4.

A spokesperson for the New Zealand’s Face of Beauty International Ltd said the company will pay for Matekuolava’s hotel, meals and travel expenses in Thailand.

Matekuolava has to pay for her flight tickets and entry fee, she said.

The spokesperson said their company, which has been registered in New Zealand and International Company to host international events, has registered Matekuolava as a permanent model in its Face of Beauty International show.