Raymond Fifita wins grand cash prize in Digicel Tonga Easter SMS competition

Raymond Fifita of Havelu has won $4000TOP in the Easter Bunny SMS game organized by Digicel Tonga.

Seionala Talasinga of Neiafu, Vava’u, won the second prize of $1000TOP.

Sailosi Tu’akalau, Tectopher Halaliku and Mafi Tuihalangingie took away he instant weekly cash prize of $100TOP.

The Easter Bunny SMS game was launched on 10 April and ran until the end of the month.

Participants were required to text the word ‘bunny’ to 1644 for $0.39.

The participant who collected the most points by the end of April won the grand cash prize.

Fifita who has been a loyal customer of Digicel for the last eight years is no stranger to the SMS games.

He regularly competes in SMS games when Digicel launches them.

The next SMS game will take place in May.

For more information please visit Digicel Tonga website on www.digiceltonga.com