Team Tonga spreads a Ma’alahi Christmas at Mango Tree Centre

Digicel Tonga’s Senior Management Team and staff spent the day at the Mango Tree Centre to celebrate Christmas.

Eighty children were treated to songs, Christmas gifts and a lunch hosted by Digicel.

The Disability Centre for Kids has been supported by Digicel for a number of years and it continues to produce fruitful results in the improvement of physical and intellectual disabilities particularly for children across the Kingdom. 

Mango Tree was officially commissioned this very month in 2013 by the Government of Japan.

The Centre was built to address the immediate needs of the country in a wide range of areas that had direct impact on communal and socio-economic activities of Tonga.

It is that very need that 5 years to-date Digicel has continued to support Mango Tree every year. 

Digicel is proud to offer support throughout the year with Internet services, TV, Bible camps and fuel to allow our children transportation from their homes to this Centre. 

It is critical part of our mandate that we provide the necessary support to our communities and that also extends to our services for people with physical and intellectual disabilities here in Tonga, especially our Children. Digicel wishes all children at Mango Tree Centre, their parents and volunteers a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. 

Speaking on behalf of Digicel at the programme was Dennis Fuapau, Head of Business Solutions.


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