Sky Pacific unveils five new Channels as part of an ongoing improvement plan

Sky Pacific today announced the introduction of five new channels including the return of the hugely popular Discovery Channel.

In addition the Fight Sports Channel, MTV Live, Boomerang, TVWAN Life will be added from 15th June. The five new channels will be a major boost for Sky customers across the Pacific.

Digicel Fiji’s CEO, Darren McLean said the latest set of channel improvements is in direct response to customer feedback.“I’m really happy that we can announce that Discovery Channel will be returning to Sky Pacific from early July. It has been one of the most consistent themes in customer feedback since we have been operating Sky Pacific.On top of this we are also launching Fight Sports this week, which is a 24 hour channel showing live World Championship Boxing, World Championship Kickboxing, MMA and various other fight tournaments from around the world. 

McLean said that MTV Live and TVWAN Life, Boomerang and Fight Sports will be introduced on Wednesday 15th June on Sky Pacific, with Discovery Channel coming in early July.  

“Fight Sports adds another exciting dimension to our sports line-up and we think a huge number of our customers are going to get a real kick out of it. TVWAN Life will have soap operas, dramas, and comedies including the popular Nanny series, Drop Dead Diva and Joan of Arcadia. Boomerang will offer entertainment designed for kids and parents, with a modern twist to iconic cartoons like Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry and Mr Bean.  The new channels will replace Toonami, MTV Asia, Fox Family Movies and FX.  The Super Channel will also be removed and all content will be migrated to TVWAN Action and TVWAN

In order to transition from Fiji TV equipment and facilitate the new content there will be a reduction to 24 channels for two weeks from 15 June.  During this time an equipment upgrade is being undertaken to improve quality for some parts of Fiji.  Sky Pacific advises that all customers will need to update their settings by conducting a rescan using their remote control to receive the new content from Wednesday15 June.