Stadium doubts for Wales-Tonga rugby test 2017

An international rugby test match between Tonga's ‘Ikale Tahi and Wales at Teufaiva Stadium in early 2017 is now in doubt.

There is uncertainty over whether the upgrading of the stadium will be completed in time, the Prime Minister, ‘Akilisi Pohiva told the Tongan parliament this week.

Initially, the upgrading of Teufaiva Stadium was the responsibility of the 2019 Pacific Games Organizing Committee, but a recent shift in the responsibility for the development of facilities for the Pacific Games has seen the Prime Minister and government directly involved, and the upgrading of Teufaiva Stadium is now their responsibility.

Lord Nuku asked the PM in parliament to clarify the situation because the Tonga Rugby Union, was very concerned over whether or not Tonga will be able to host the test match at Teufaiva Stadium.

The Tonga Rugby Union had made a commitment for the test match between the ‘Ikale Tahi and Wales scheduled to be played at Teufaiva early next year


Radio New Zealand International