Indian terrorism movie Hotel Mumbai pulled by Christchurch cinema owner

In response to Friday's events in the city, a Christchurch cinema owner has pulled a drama focused on the 2008 terror attacks in India.

Starring Dev Patel and Jeremy Issacs, Hotel Mumbai is a dramatisation of the co-ordinated bombing and shooting attacks carried out by Pakistani militants in late November of that year. It opened nationwide on Thursday.
Speaking to Stuff on Monday morning, Jeremy Stewart said he made the decision to cancel all screenings at both The Tannery's Deluxe Cinema and Rangiora's Town Hall Cinemas from this afternoon "in light of what has happened in Christchurch".

"Out of respect for people – as a small business based in the community where some horrific events have taken place, I think it would be irresponsible for me to keep it going."
 Hotel Mumbai is currently still screening at the city's three Hoyts cinemas, as well as Readings The Palms. Both cinema chains have been contacted for comment.

The movie's Australian distributors Icon Films pulled all online advertising for it on Friday.

Inspired by the 2009 documentary Surviving Mumbai, Australian writer-director Anthony Maras' feature debut attempts to take a Gosford Park/Bobby/6 Days-style multi-perspective view of the harrowing events inside and outside the luxury Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Writing for Stuff, James Croot described the result as not only "thought-provoking, but also "truly harrowing".

"Maras and co-writer John Collee force the viewer to confront a nightmare situation where death seems a far more likely prospect for our characters than any imminent rescue."