Eyes on Taieri River in flood-hit Dunedin

A state of emergency remains in place in Dunedin, New Zealand and there is plenty of damage following yesterday's heavy rain, the city's mayor says.

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull said there were still many slips on the road and the weather was freezing, with black ice on many city streets. Council officers were out laying grit, he said.

RNZI reports on the Taieri Plain, Dunedin Civil Defence said two houses in Outram were badly flooded but most of the approximately 100 people who had to get out on Friday could now return.

However, it said some residents of the nearby township of Henley might have to stay away for days. All its residents were evacuated on Friday night and there was no timeframe for them to return.

The power was still out to 30 homes there, and some of the power lines and poles have been badly damaged.

Another 30 homes in Leith Valley still have their electricity out too, but that was expected to be fixed today.

One of Dunedin's key highways, Portobello Road, cleared yesterday after landslips, is again closed after a collision between a car and a truck. It is likely to stay shut most of today.

And 12 houses near Ravenswood Street in St Clair remained evacuated until further notice because of a slip.

Mr Cull said the Taieri River was still very high and he didn't expect it to come down much today because water was still pouring off the hills.