PNG earthquake: A lifetime scar

Natural disasters come and go but the impact and trauma are lifetime scars that remain with the survivors.

This is no exception for the victims of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Survivors who were successfully evacuated from Moro shared their encounters in an exclusive interview.

A group of women employed by CDI Foundation were amongst the fortunate who were evacuated by the Oil Search chartered flights out of Moro on Tuesday.

Fear and trauma was obvious in the way they spoke and acted during the interview.

One survivor, Jacklyn Ila, openly shed tears for her family back home.

“After 4 days mi get tru long wanpla mama long ples na em askim if gavman can reskuim ol or nogat because ol stap long mak long dai..”

(After 4 days I managed to get through to a mother in the village, she asked if the Government could rescue them because they were on the brink of death.)

“Mi wari tasol na stap…”

(I am worried and waiting.)

Between tears she encouraged her family. “Big man em stap..” (God is there)

“Na nau mi had long kontektim ol, mobail netwek kavarij daun gen."

(Now I cannot get in touch with them because the mobile network is down again).

 Jacklyn shared her experience while sobbing.

Carolyn Ure