Scores of dolphins stranded in Kiribati outer island

More than 100 dolphins were found stranded on the lagoon shores of Kabuna village on the island of Tabiteuea North in the Southern Gilberts.

The dolphins were spotted after the construction of the village’s maneaba ‘Bibitoinikarawa’ was completed.

One resident, Tabukinikai Tabwanou told Radio Kiribati News the incident occurred between 10am and 12pm on Tuesday this week.

Tabukinikai said this is not new because it has been happening over the past years.

He said every time a new ‘maneaba’ is constructed or renovated, scores of dolphins will be seen swimming towards the shore.

He said the occurrence is part of the Kabuna village tradition for many years.

Tabukinikai said the dolphins were killed and distributed to more than 30 households in the village for consumption that day.


Photo by BPA. Caption: Some of the dolphins stranded at Kubuna village