Pineapple Christmas trees are the newest holiday trend

Many holiday trends and traditions (especially during Christmas) might seem a little out there to some.

The best thing about the holidays is that these traditions and trends are unique to each family. And they don't have to make sense.

 However, this year's holiday trend might be the most unique yet. This year, pineapple Christmas trees are the newest holiday trend, and it could not be any more strange or any more amazing.

Although the fruit is traditionally associated with tropical climates, there is nothing like a little wishful thinking when you're doing your holiday shopping in 30 degree weather and snowed in during the holiday season.

While one would have expected this trend to have a symbolic meaning or have started for a specific reason, according to Thrillist, it is just that — a trend.

One person on Pinterest shared a photo of their decorated pineapple and others followed suit.

Since then, people have shared their own photos of these decorated pineapples on social media, showing you how invested people have become with this funky trend.

 Their ideas might even inspire you to decorate a pineapple of your own with items you have lying around the house.