Tongan royalty inspires fashion designer's latest collection

Tongan fashion designer Beau Takapu says his latest collection has been inspired by Tongan royalty.

Speaking ahead of the launch of his own fashion brand, Takapu says all sorts of things inspire him.

"My inspiration comes from all walks of life. The people that I meet, buildings, sculptures.

"But what I really love is character and presence, so the collection that is a part of this launch is actually inspired by Her Royal Highness Pilolevu, Princess of Tonga, and dressing her for the Food Revolution in Fiji."

He says his collection "consists of resort wear, ready-to-wear, luscious fabrics, cashmeres, easy classic silhouettes, with some bold colours".

Takapu is also on a mission to create a brand for South Pacific woman.

"I don't cater to just to one Pacific type of women I cater to all women. This collection is created for all women in the South Pacific.