Digicel supports Mate Ma’a Tonga, live game on Digicel Play TV

Digicel is proud to be supporting all Tongans nationwide in what will be a historical sporting event for the National Rugby League Team, Mate Ma’a Tonga.

The test match Saturday will be a key highlight for Tongans living not only in New Zealand and other parts of the world but most importantly here in the Kingdom and in being the Communications and Entertainment provider in the Kingdom, Digicel is bringing the game live on Digicel Play TV.

The Digicel staff draped themselves in red Friday ecstatic to be able to support the country at this time.

Digicel will also be screening the game live in the outer islands, at Tokaikolo Hall in Pangai, Ha’apai, Vavau High School Hall in Kameli, Vava’u, Free Wesleyan Church Hall in Ohonua, ‘Eua and the Government Hall in Hihifo, Niuatoputapu and Niua – all in an effort to give all Tongans the means to watch their National Rugby League Team in action.  

As Digicel remains committed to the Kingdom and its people, Digicel wishes Mate Ma’a Tonga a win this weekend.


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