Fiji Football searching for new head coach

The Fiji Football Association is looking for a new head coach following the resignation of Frenchman Christophe Gamel.

In a statement the association confirmed Gamel quit last week citing personal reasons.

Fiji Football president Rajesh Patel praised Gamel for lifting the country's FIFA world ranking from 189 to 163.

Patel said Gamel's last outing with the national teams was for the Pacific Games campaign in July which saw bronze medal finishes for both the Fiji men's and women's teams.

Goalkeeper coach Xavier Henneusse, who was brought in by Christophe Gamel, will also be leaving with Gamel at the end of the month.

While the search for a new head coach continues Mr Patel said Fiji Women's coach Marika Rodu and Lautoka coach Anginesh Prasad will look after the national team.

Christophe Gamel told the Fiji Sun he quit his job because he wanted to spend more time with his eight year old son.

He said he is proud of what he has achieved with the national team including winning six, losing three and drawing one of their last ten international matches, a record he says has not been achieved in a long-time.

The head coach however also acknowledged he had experienced some low points during his tenure.

Earlier this year Christophe Gamel was accused of assaulting players in the country's youth teams.

Gamel denied the allegations saying they were drummed up because he was trying to clean up Fiji Football by introducing new accountability measures such as drug testing for players.

An investigation into the allegations was completed in February but it is unclear whether the results have been made public.

Gamel says he will always have a heart for Fiji and would consider returning if the country required his services again.