2 men arrested

Tonga police charge two men with manslaughter

The suspects aged 19 and 21 respectively are from Ha’atafu.

The victim was found on the side of the main road at Ha’atafu with injuries to his head last Sunday morning.

Officers from Nukunuku Police Station rushed the victim to the hospital where he died the following day.

Police allege that the two suspects and the victim were drinking alcohol together when they got into a fight where the suspects allegedly assaulted the victim.

The father of one of the suspects when told of the incident took both suspects to Nukunuku Police Station on Sunday night.

Tonga police arrest 2 men for meth and cannabis

The methamphetamine was allegedly concealed in a shipment from the United States of America.

Police intercepted and arrested a 39-year-old man, who was allegedly in possession of 297 grams of methamphetamine on Tuesday.

Police also arrested on the same day a 31-year-old man connected to this case.

He was arrested with 30.4grams of cannabis allegedly on his person, packed for sale.