ADB supports further fiscal resilience in Tonga

The grant will also help improve the country’s business climate with policy, regulatory, and public enterprise reforms.

“The Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program for Tonga has shown that budget support can achieve results if there is strong government ownership,” said ADB Principal Economist for the Pacific Ms. Ananya Basu. “A coordinated approach across development partners is key to the program’s success to date.”

ADB to help strengthen Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu's resilience to disasters

The financial assistance will help strengthen Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu’s resilience to disasters.

ADB’s assistance will include loans worth US$3.1 million each to Samoa and Tonga. It will also include grants worth US$2.9 million each to Samoa and Tonga and $3 million to Tuvalu. All three grants are financed from the Asian Development Fund, ADB’s grant-based development financing vehicle. An ADB-supported US$2 million technical assistance grant will help the three countries implement priority resilience building activities and share their experiences. 

ADB wants more profitability from Pacific SOEs

RNZ reports SOE portfolios in eight Pacific countries examined contribute only 1.8% to 12% of gross domestic product, despite having very large asset bases, ongoing government cash transfers, and monopoly market positions.

The ADB said productivity levels of the SOEs were also well below that found in developed countries.

But the Bank noted some successes in pursuing commercially-oriented reforms.

It said that over the past 14 years Solomon Islands has improved significantly, with Tonga also doing better.


ADB appoints Tongan to lead its operation in Cambodia

Samiuela T. Tukuafu will lead ADB operations in Cambodia to support the country’s development goals of promoting inclusive growth and diversifying the economy.

ADB: Pacific not capitalising on the rise of Asia

But the report by the Asian Development Bank also shows the region is not doing enough to capitalise on the rapid expansion of its Asian neighbours.

Emma Veve is the Director of the ADB's Pacific Department and she says Pacific countries must do more to encourage innovation and generate wealth.


ADB energy portfolio in the Pacific to exceed $500 million by 2016

“ADB’s energy operations in the Pacific aim to boost energy security, support low-carbon growth and help expand access to modern energy services,” said Michael Trainor, Energy Specialist in ADB’s Pacific Department.

“Our energy policy rests on promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, capacity building, and energy sector reform.”