Tongan AG now a member of Parliament committee

Parliament approved the move on Monday.

The Speaker, Lord Fakafanua, said it was crucial the Attorney General became a member of the committee with no casting vote, similar to how the Auditor General was part of the Public Accounts Committee.

He said the committee's work will now be more effective.

Normally the Attorney General is co-opted to provide legal opinion to committees if required.

Ha'apai MP Veivosa Taka said he believes parliament should stick to that routine, calling on the Attorney General.


Tonga Attorney General says Tapueluelu claims untruthful

Last week cabinet minister 'Akosita Lavulavu was arrested on fraud charges, while a former Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano was arrested in connection with the passport scandal.

Police Minister Mateni Tapuleluelu has told a radio audience this was done to make the police commissioner Steve Caldwell look good so his contract will be renewed.

The acting Attorney General, 'Aminiasi Kefu, said this claims was absolutely incorrect and untruthful.