Aleppo evacuation

Aleppo evacuation: Thousands stranded in desperate conditions

Reporters described seeing people sleeping in the streets in freezing conditions with little or no food.

The delays appeared to be caused by an argument over moving civilians from two government-controlled areas in Idlib.

But Syrian state TV reports said buses entered eastern Aleppo around noon local time to begin evacuations.

A plan to evacuate Eastern Aleppo collapsed on Friday, leaving civilians stranded at various points along the route out without access to food or shelter.

Aleppo: Evacuations suspended as confusion reigns

Red Cross staff, Syrian Red Crescent workers and representatives of the World Health Organization have been told to leave eastern Aleppo.

"The evacuations have been halted," Middle East spokesman for the ICRC, Ralph El Hage, told CNN.

"We are hoping the parties reach an agreement so we can move forward with the evacuation."

Syria's state news agency reported that the al Nusra Front had blocked the exit of 1,250 civilians in Aleppo.

Syria conflict: Aleppo evacuation corridors needed, WHO says

A spokeswoman said there were only 35 doctors left to care for hundreds of trapped patients, and that the number of casualties was rising.

Medical supplies are also running out, and there is a shortage of blood.

Russian-backed Syrian government forces launched an assault on eastern Aleppo on Thursday after a truce collapsed.

Eastern parts of the city are held by rebels.