Cabinet lineup

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva submits cabinet lineup to king

Dr. Uata is not an elected Member of Parliament.

According to the Constitution, the Prime Minister may appoint no more than four cabinet ministers from outside Parliament.

Pōhiva named Tongatapu 2 MP Sēmisi Lafu Sika as Deputy Prime Minister when his lineup was submitted to the palace office yesterday.

Appointment of Prime Minister

The submission was made after His Majesty King Tupou VI appointed Pōhiva as Tonga’s Prime Minister until 2021.

PM Pohiva to announce Cabinet lineup after his official appointment

As Kaniva News reported earlier, the line-up was expected to be announced before Christmas, but after Pohiva was informed the king would probably appoint him for longer than expected, he cancelled the planned announcement.

He said the Palace office would probably process the appointment ceremony on January 2.

Pohiva said it was normal procedure that the announcement of the new cabinet could be made public after the Prime Minister was appointed by the king.

“It is better to leave it until His Majesty would formally appoint me,” he said.