Crown’s appeal adjourned sine die in Tonga court, accused still in US

It has been revealed the defendant has left for the US and has not returned to Tonga.

Kaniva News reports tThe decision came after a Magistrate in 2011 fined and ordered Supileo ‘Uhatafe to pay $100 immediately after Police charged him for causing bodily harm. If he failed to pay the fine he would have served six weeks in jail.

The Magistrate also fined and ordered ‘Uhatafe to pay $50 immediately after Police charged him for assault. Failing to do so would have ended him up in jail for three weeks.

Tongan found guilty of making false statement over passport

The accused who was charged with six counts was only convicted on one count of making the false statement, when he applied for the Tongan passport under the name Sosaia Taufa Finau and failed to provide other names he was known by in his passport application as required.

Mr Justice Cato in his verdict on July 30 said the case was unusual.