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Zumba training takes off in Tonga

The lessons are aimed at preparing representatives from a range of Tongan government ministries to lead and choreograph zumba and aerobic exercise classes in their organisations.

The programme is being led by Onetoto 'Anisi, the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Ministry, to promote exercise, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

He said if civil servants are fit and healthy their work output will help the government achieve its objectives.

He said there are plans to do more zumba training classes for instructors around Tonga's communities.

Authority disagrees with COLA payments for Tongan civil service

The five percent wage lift was approved by cabinet last month, and payments will be made before the 22nd of December.

But Radio Tonga reports the authority saying public servants' current salaries are adequate given each position's responsibility and job size.

Tonga public servants given a five percent wage lift

The payment of the COLA will be made before December 22nd this year.

Radio Tonga says the increase in the prices of goods and services determines the application of the COLA adjustment.