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Intrigue and legal strategy on eve of Israel Folau's court case with Rugby Australia

On the same day that the former Wallaby's Instagram and Twitter pagesdisappeared for up to four hours, Folau's former employer filed an application in the Federal Circuit Court to have the high profile case moved.

The organisation was not immediately available for comment, but the development could be interpreted as a legal strategy to slow proceedings.

As the "little sister" to the Federal Court, the Federal Circuit Court has a track record of moving cases through quicker than its federally-based siblings and at a lower cost.

Tongan court to consider joint trial for noble MP

Matangi Tonga reported the hearing will consider a Crown proposal to have a joint trial of former Prime Minister Lord Tuʻivakanō and the two others.

Last week, the case was adjourned to be mentioned in September before a new Chief Justice.

Tuʻivakanō previously appeared before Lord Chief Justice Paulsen and pleaded not guilty to a total of 15 charges.

Twelve charges related to the issuance of Tongan passports include perjury and accepting bribes, while three are for possession of firearms and ammunition without a license.

CJ rules there's sufficient evidence to try former Tonga PM

Matangi Tonga reported Lord Chief Justice Paulsen made the ruling on Tuesday regarding four charges of accepting a bribe as a government servant.

The ruling overturns an initial decision by the Principal Magistrate to discharge Tu'ivakano.

The Chief Justice said the decision was made on the grounds there is a sufficiency of evidence for a trial, on a date yet to be set.

Tu'ivakano was initially charged with a total of 12 counts but in January the Principal Magistrate struck off the four counts of accepting bribes, citing a lack of evidence.

US court to rehear Tongan death row case decision

A Nevada news media report said another hearing was scheduled for this month.

Siaosi Vanisi was convicted in the beating death of police officer George Sullivan while in his patrol car at a parking lot near an information kiosk between UNR’s Morrill Hall and Manzanita Lake.

Sullivan had 10 blows to his face, seven to his scalp area, two on the upper part of his body and another to the left hand that nearly severed two fingers, an autopsy report said.

This was not the first time Vanisi’s death case had been challenged in court.

Mum and stepdad sent to jail in Tonga for sexually abusing daughters

The two girls were 14 and 16 when the assaults occurred.

According to Kaniva News, the court heard sexual abuse began in early 2017.

Justice Cato found that on several occasions, including an incident of rape, the girls’ mother had helped the man.

The man was found guilty of one count of rape, six counts of serious indecent assault, two charges of indecent exposure and five charges of domestic violence.

Campaign continues after Rabuka found not guilty

Supporters cheered the SODELPA leader, former prime minister and 1987 coup leader Mr Rabuka as he emerged from the Suva Magistrates Court late this morning.

Mr Rabuka was charged by Fiji's Independent Commission Against Corruption under Fiji's political party regulations - for providing a false declaration of his assets, income and liabilities.

If convicted, he would have been out of the running for the 14 November polls.

Tongasat seeks appeal over Supreme Court ruling

The August ruling was made in favour of Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva and the Public Service Association, who are pursuing nearly $US50 million.

The payments were made to Tongasat after China was found to have placed a satellite in Tonga's orbital space in 2006.

Chief Justice Owen Paulsen said the payments were "invalid and unlawful" and granted the plaintiffs legal costs which have yet to be finalised.

Matangi Tonga reports an appeal was filed last Tuesday by Tongasat's legal counsel, William Edwards, to have fresh evidence heard from witnesses.


Tonga's Supreme Court rules in favour of PM in China space case

On Friday, the court found in favour of Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva and Tonga's Public Service Association, in their five year battle against Tongasat.

The case concerns two payments totalling $US49.9 million which China made to Tonga after it was found to have placed a satellite in Tonga's orbital space in 2006.

Despite a revenue sharing agreement between Tonga's government and Tongasat, 93 percent of the funds were transferred to the privately owned company.

Former Tongan PM's case adjourned again

The noble's court case was expected to be heard on 9 August and has been adjourned numerous times due to various filing of document needs and related matters.

Kaniva Tonga News reported the latest adjournment was requested to allow the defence more time to prepare for the trial.

Tu'ivakano was arrested on 1 March and charged with 10 counts, including one of making a false declaration to obtain a passport, two perjury counts, five for accepting bribes and two counts of money laundering.


Former Tonga PM Lord Tu’ivakanō, the Lavulavu's court cases adjourned again

The former Speaker and Prime Minster appeared in court last month and is expected to reappear in court on June 25.

Reports said the noble’s legal counsel was not in Tonga when he was due to appear at a Magistrate Court.

In a separate court case, MP ‘Akosita Lavulavu and her husband former government minister and MP ‘Etuate Lavulavu had their case adjourned for the third time to June 25.

Kaniva News reportd the Lavulavus appeared at the Fasi Lower Court on May 28.