Tongan mum of two speaks about losing house deposit after being scammed by ‘friend’

Samena, not her real name, paid $5300 upfront for packages with OneCoin on behalf of herself and her sons.

Tagata Pasifika reports after transferring the money Samena attended a meeting where, in her words, “I still didn’t understand anything.”

She tried to pull out, but her ‘friend’ said she had already verbally agreed to the terms and conditions, despite never seeing them.

Despite being given a password, her concerns at the situation grew.

Facebook puts on brave face with Libra

But the remaining members have insisted it’s full steam ahead.

The 21 founding companies in the Libra Association - down from 28 when the project was first announced - met for the first time in Geneva on Monday.

A spokesman told the BBC he believed the currency was still on track to launch next year.

But, he added, it would only do so if suitable regulatory approval had been granted.

It comes after a stern warning from the G7 group of nations that Libra risked disrupting the global financial order.

Marshall Islands sets up fund for national cryptocurrency

The country is developing the legal tender currency Sovereign (SOV) to serve alongside the US dollar there.

Last week, the government unveiled the SOV development fund, which will hold 30 percent of the currency's initial supply.

David Paul, the Minister-in-Assistance to the President, said the fund would be independent.