Digicel Tonga

Digicel Tonga’s winner for Easter Promotion Top Up & Opt In to Win Week 3

Matileti was thrilled when she Digicel called her Friday to inform her that she had won.

“I’m so thankful for the cash coming at the right time and especially now the Government is extending the country lockdown for another week,” she said.

Matileti regularly tops up $5 or $10 and opts in to the $5 data plan that gives her 1.3GB for 3 days.

“Thank you Digicel for giving us this wonderful opportunity,” she added. “I will always be a Digicel customer!”

Kefu Mamatuki wins $1,000 cash for Easter Promotion

Mamatuki was awarded his cash prize at his relative’s residence in Veitongo today.

The campaign on Home and Entertainment was launched on 1st March aimed to entice Digicel customers to keep their Home Internet and TV accounts active and stay connected as well as encourage new customers to sign up for the chance to win $1,000 cash in March and April.

Mamatuki has been a Digicel mobile customer for twelve years and a Play TV customer for five years.  His keeps the TV tuned to watch his favorite sports but helps kids stay entertained with their favorite cartoon channel. 

Digicel Tonga, your data network has changed its network name to “Digicel – Stay Safe”

All Digicel mobile phones in Tonga are programmed to show this change but there are some that may not depending on the model of Smartphone.

The safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance. Not only have we changed our network name to “Digicel – Stay Safe”, we have also given free access to the below sites for all Digicel Customers:

·        http://www.gov.to/category/public-notice/ - Tonga Government Website

Digicel helps customers stay connected from home

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “We’re an essential service provider and will ensure our customers receive the best support as we’ve entered a country lockdown. 

“All our customers - business owners, parents, teachers and students, receive the best communication and data experience delivered by our superior LTE 4G+ network. Our staff are working their normal routines, our Customer Care lines are open, our stores continue to open across Tonga and our agents extend our reach and service to everyone,” he added.

Digicel Tonga’s Winner for Easter promotion ‘Top Up & Opt In to Win’ Week 2

The draw was held

Digicel solutions for Business Continuity

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “Our  services ensure that the people of Tonga and our customers are equipped with the solutions to work remotely, to stay connected with families and friends across the world and have access to the availability of channels for the ease of top up, bill payments and reconnections.”

“We want our customers to share and enjoy the benefits and convenience of these methods which gives them the confidence to stay connected during this time of need,” he added.

Digicel Tonga’s first proud winner for Easter Promotion Top Up & Opt In to Win Week 1

Siutaisa has been a loyal Digicel Tonga customer and she is very pleased to be the first winner.

“I owe this reward to my son, who studies at Tupou College, for making the effort to always top up our phone,” she said. She wished her son would’ve been present also to receive the cash prize.

“Now, I know that with this cash my son’s school fees are sorted,” she added.

She encouraged Digicel customers to top up during the promotion period for they may have a chance to win too.

“Thank you Digicel for the cash prize,” she added.

Digicel activates Business Continuity plan, advocates Prevention Starts With You

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said, “Digicel understands the importance of keeping our customers, businesses and loved ones connected during times like these and have activated our business continuity plan to ensure that there are no service disruptions during this time. Our employees and customers remain our top priority.”

Seuseu said the company’s Emergency Management Team has been meeting, monitoring and planning for the various possibilities surrounding the coronavirus.

Digicel Tonga supports Tonga’s NRL Secondary School Competition 2020

The sponsorship package includes merchandise, communications, broadcasting and live streaming over the 6-week season for the third year of the NRL Secondary School Competition for Under 15s, 16s, and 17s age groups played between eight schools.


Tavake Fangupo, Game Development Manager for NRL Tonga said, “The Competition helps provide a pathway for individuals to showcase their skills and local talent to help gain a scholarship opportunity overseas as well developing positive young adults for the future and instils a sense of team work and determination to set goals.

Matalave Ita wins the Download MyDigicel app & Win Promotion Samsung Smart Phone

Ita, 26 from Fatumu Tongatapu, was surprised and happy to have won the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 smart phone a week ago.

“I did not expect to win this prize. I’ve never won a prize from Digicel but this is my very first time to do so. I’m very happy with this gift from Digicel because it will help me to stay connected better with my family and friends especially when I’m overseas during the seasonal fruit picking program,” he said.

Ita said he had heard about the MyDigicel app but never quite understood what it was or used for.