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Tongan students tackle cyberbullying through videos

Tonga College, Takuilau College, Ocean of Light and the ACT Community School each received 12 months of free Internet and $1000 pa’anga cash.

The schools participated in the STOP Cyberbullying Campaign organised by Talitha Project and Digicel Tonga.

Students were required to produce videos where they used songs and dances to create awareness about the problems of cyberbullying on children and teenagers.

They were also tasked to show how they would tackle the problems of cyberbullying.

Miss Galaxy pageant underway in Tonga

Eleven contestants took their time answering questions on the three issues.   

The theme of the pageant is “Minority Group is a Priority when it comes to Climate Change.”

Digicel is once again the main sponsor of the annual pageant which is aimed at celebrating the diversity, creativity and talent of LGBT fakaleiti communities in Tonga.

Ragigia Dawai from Digicel Tonga joined two other members on the judges panel.

The pageant will continue next week with the celebrations for the 25th anniversary and followed by the pageant night on the 12 and 13 July.

STOP BLOCK TELL! Digicel Tonga & Talitha Project help stop cyberbullying across communities

Cyberbullying isn’t a problem limited to specific countries

In the Pacific, it’s becoming more and more common.

In Tonga, as the country continues to grow fast in its access to mobile and internet technology, cyber security and safety has become a key priority of the Government and Private Sector to ensure everyone plays their part in making a safer and secure online experience for all. 

It is about using the internet, mobiles, or other technology to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.

Digicel Tonga announces Soccer Craze SMS Game winners

The second prize of TOP $800 was won by Sailosi Tuakalau of Havelu.

Instant winners were also presented with cash of $100 on the spot.

The SMS Game was created based on the 2018 Football World Cup underway in Russia.

The next SMS game will be launched on 16 July with the same concept where customers collecting the most points win prizes at the end of the month.


Photos Digicel Tonga 

Digicel Tonga helps rebuild staff homes

The employees were given vouchers from Pacific Timber Hardware by Digicel Tonga CEO, Ben Kealy.

They will be able to pick up building supplies from PTH to rebuild their homes. 

Digicel Tonga employee, Asiate Vaka expressed her appreciation to Kealy and the company for the assistance.

A cake was cut to acknowledge the new journey that the staff would be embarking on as they rebuild their homes.


Photo by Digicel Tonga      

Tonga’s Miss Galaxy Pageant celebrates 25th anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of the pageant that celebrates the creativity, diversity and talent of LGBT Fakaleiti communities in Tonga

The pageant gets underway at Little India in Nuku’alofa on 6 July.

A private judging, church service, luncheon are some of the events that have been planned.

Netball sporting activities are also part of the programme to help promote healthy lifestyle of the LGBT community.

The theme of the pageant is "Minority Group is a priority when it comes to Climate Change"

Digicel partners with Talitha Project to stop cyber bullying

There are consultations at all levels amongst Government and stakeholders to ensure everyone plays their part for a safer and more secure online experience for all. 

With that in mind, Digicel Tonga Ltd in partnership with Talitha Project is inviting all schools in Tongatapu to participate in an awareness competition this month. 

The main objective is to ‘stop cyber bullying’ and create an awareness amongst the community with the focus to educate children about a safer online experience. 

Digicel Super MUM SMS Game winners

The second prize of $800TOP went to Makeleta Finau of Ha’apai.

The two winners were announced Friday.

Customers were required to text the word MUM to 1644 for 0.39cent to compete.

They were also instant winners taking away $100TOP every week.

Digicel is now forming up the next SMS game for the month of June with more cash prizes to be won.


Digicel Tonga treats loyal customers

This is one of Digicel’s final initiatives to commemorate its 10th anniversary in Tonga.

Seventy-five lucky walk-in customers received free Digicel Coffee mugs and free coffee as well as additional free Unlimited Data for 2 Hours.

The event marked the end of the anniversary that falls in the month of May.


Photo by Digicel Tonga 


Digicel invests $150k into Ha’apai

The new store also mark’s the significant milestone for Digicel’s 10th Year Anniversary and shows Digicel’s commitment to the welfare of its staff and customers in the outer island of Ha’apai. 

With the Top$150,000 (US$65,000) investment it further enhances Digicel’s brand presence in Ha’apai with its new centrally located store which is now more convenient and accessible for customers.