Digicel Tonga

Digicel Tonga restores 98% network

Digicel Tonga CEO, Ben Kealy said “We have total coverage back-on-air in the main Tongatapu and we are pleased to report that we have network coverage for 98% of the population. Our technical engineers are now working round the clock to restore the last site on Eua Island and also repair a few sites which currently only have 3G network available (4G being worked on). We should have total coverage by the end of this week.”

Digicel Tonga’s network restoration well underway

Currently there is full connectivity in Vava’u and Ha’apai and work to restore all services in Tongatapu is ongoing at pace.

New Zealand winners of Digicel Diaspora Back to School Promotion

Liliani Tuifua won NZD $500NZD, Tepola Mailangi received NZD $300NZD and Wyong Tupou won NZD $200.

Customers were required to send a top-up to a Digicel number in Tonga from New Zealand or Australia to be in the weekly draw to win 1st prize-$500, 2nd prize-$300 & 3rd prize-$200.

The draw will runs until 2 March, 2018.

The receiver also gets a chance to win $200TOP in Tonga if they will receive the top-up amount of $20TOP or more.

Digicel is encouraging customers to top up now for their chance to win

Digicel Tonga launches Unlimited Data

The launch of this Unlimited Data is the first for Digicel Tonga to ever offer its customers with an unlimited data plan.

This demonstrate Digicel’s commitment to providing customers with the best data plan in the Kingdom with its 3G & 4G network coverage’s.

The launch was not only for Tongatapu but for the outer island as well with the idea of getting an unlimited access to internet for 2 hours for only $2TOP.

With this unlimited access, customers can download, stream online without any capacity of restriction.

3 winners in Digicel Diaspora Top Up campaign

Digicel has been incorporating with Diaspora on conducting campaign to benefit both local & international winners.

With the ‘Diaspora Back to School’ campaign, Digicel is giving away cash prize draw of $200TOP for one lucky winner every Friday from 12 January until 2 March, 2018.

Having Diaspora in the market allows friends & families in New Zealand & Australia to recharge any Digicel number in Tonga for a chance to win a weekly cash prize of $200TOP.

Digicel Tonga announces first week’s winners in “Back to School’ promotion 2018

The winners are Kilistina Esau, Pita Pepa, Leaaepeni Matakaiongo, Akanesi Otuhouma, Francis Jasmin Vuki, Sione Loseli and Mafi Taukolo.  

Customers, who buy a ‘Tecno’ smartphone for only $149, automatically go into a daily draw to win an Alcatel Pixi4 plus $100TOP worth of stationery shopping voucher at Office Equipment.

The promotion is aimed at helping Digicel customers prepare for the new school year and is not confined to the main island of Tongatapu but the outer islands as well.

The promotion will end on 3 February, 2018.


Paula Misa wins in Digicel’s new SMS game

The SMS game which ends on 31 January is the latest offered by Digicel.

There is a total grand prize up to $2700TOP including credit and cash prizes.

Misa is no stranger to Digicel’s SMS games arena having competed in previous competitions.

Digicel is looking forward to more SMS games in 2018 and hopes to entertain its customers as well as maintain building a strong rapport.

Customers can text in the word STARS to 1644 for just $0.39 per SMS in order to win one of these amazing instant prizes or the grand prize of $1500TOP.



Digicel Tonga launches Back to School sale

The promotion was launched today at Digicel’s flagship store in Nuku’alofa.

The Back to School Promotional offer is a $149 Techno 4G Smartphone that comes with 1Gb FREE data valid for 30 days. 

Customers buying this new offer will go into a daily draw to win one of fifty Back to School Vouchers worth $100 to buy stationery from Office Equipment PLUS an Alcatel Pixi Smartphone. 

For more details of the offer, call the friendly Customer Care team on 123 or visit any of our stores. 

Promotion ends 3 February, 2018.  


Like, Tag & Share” to WIN competition on Facebook

The competition encourages followers and fans to participate by hitting like, tagging as many friends as possible and sharing the post on their own page to win daily Top Up of $49 or the main prize a 4G Smartphone and $149 Top Up. 

With close to 10,000 Facebook followers on Digicel Tonga page, the competition is aimed to attract more engagement with its followers this Christmas with the focus being on ‘People and Relationships.’


The competition ends on 7th January 2018.  

Spreading the Christmas Spirit

 ‘People and Relationships’ has been the key focus for Digicel this Christmas and the performance helped spread the Christmas spirit to not only customers but the public in an effort to ‘bring joy home this Christmas.’