Digicel launches new smartphone offer in Tonga

To mark the arrival on these new 4G smartphones the campaign is focused on giving ‘the best product/smartphone’ for money to all Digicel customers. 

The campaign concept is quite simple for customers, purchase a Huawei Y3 from Digicel’s Tongatapu store or Digicel Square from today until 31 August for only $99TOP and get a ‘free’ sim card plus ‘free’ 1GB data valid for 5days’.

The Huawei Y3 is also has many useful features such as 4G compatible, 8GB internal memory, screen size of 5.0” and operates on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Digicel’s Tonga's Got Talent a success

Hundreds of people gathered to watch the popular annual event and witness 24 participants showcase their talents. 

The overall winner was Lesina Piena, aged 9 years old and Kehau Piena, aged 11 years old who performed the Hawaiian Hula.  The sisters won $1000 cash from Digicel as their first prize. In 2nd place was Johnny Boy, aged 23 years old who sang ‘You are the reason.’ Lastly, in 3rd place was Paula Misa and Tevita Taufahema, who performed a hip-hop dance.

Other consolation prizes were awarded as well. 

Digicel supports Tonga’s Got Talent Competition

Digicel is providing Digicel merchandise, 4G smartphones, live stream of the event and the cash prize of 1000 TOP for the winner.

The competition will be held at Digicel Square in Nuku'alofa at 7pm on Monday 25, 2018.

Fans will be able to text the name of their favourite participant to 7778 in a voting competition.

Digicel is also encouraging the public to go to Digicel Square on Monday for a fun night packed with entertainment.


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Tonga’s Mua Saints take home Polynesia Cup

The team arrived at Fua’amotu International Airport Monday to a crowd of families and fans.

The Polynesia Cup is contested between Samoa and Tonga to commemorate Samoa’s Independence Day on 1 June.

The closely contested game was held on Saturday.

Digicel Tonga provided the Mua Saints with branded polo shirts, caps, water, fruits and other essential items.


Photo by Digicel Tonga 


Digicel Tonga announces Diaspora Promotion winners


Each winner is awarded $400TOP every week.

The purpose of the promotion is to award local winners in Tonga based on the month of May which is designated to acknowledge and celebrate family.

The theme for the promotion is "More for your family."

Winners are selected once they receive a top up of more than $20TOP in the local currency.

The final draw will take place on 13 July, 2018.     


Photos by Digicel Tonga 


Digicel provides free Wi-Fi at Fiji’s Premiere Fashion Event

The sponsorship package includes telecommunications support for the FJFW administration which will be held from 21st to 25th May at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.

Digicel Fiji CEO, Mike Greig said,” We are delighted to continue our support for Fiji’s premiere fashion show. Our support for the 2018 FJFW is with cash and telecommunications support including free wireless internet hotspots at FMF Gymnasium.”

Digicel supports Special Olympics Fiji Invitational Regional Games

Digicel Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Mike Greig said, “This is a great day for a great cause, and we are fully committed to the community where we operate. We are delighted to partner with Special Olympics Fiji to support them in their 50th year celebrations and the hosting of the Fiji Invitational Regional Games. Special Olympics is a passion of Digicel Founder and Chairman, Denis O’Brien and we are excited to be able to mirror this in Fiji.

Digicel launches leadership program

The program was launched today in Port Moresby.

Aspire is a development program designed to provide leadership training for high potential Digicel staff to support and prepare them to move into future leadership positions within the business.

Digicel Chief of People Officer, Emer Jameson, said the program is another example of the continued commitment from Digicel to build leadership capacity across its markets.

Successful completion of Tonga Domestic Cable System

The estimated cost of this project was around US$8.3 million which was partially funded from the proceeds of the sale of Government’s shares to Digicel Tonga Limited (DTL) for US$4.2 million and partially from the World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The project was successfully completed under the estimated budget.

As of Tuesday 20 March, the system was officially turned over to the control of TCL after the signing of the certificate of completion.

Fiji helps cyclone-ravaged Tonga

A Fiji Airways 737 aircraft left Nadi this morning with much-needed technical and emergency supplies. The supplies have been cleared in Nuku’alofa and will be ready for distribution by Digicel and relief agency personnel later today.

Digicel CEO Pacific, Colin Stone said, “The terrible effects of Tropical Cyclone Gita in Tonga are now clear and many people are in urgent need of assistance like water, shelter and food”.