Eua Island

Tonga's 'Eua without power after Cyclone Keni

The cyclone moved to the south-southwest of Tonga as a category three storm this morning.

However, National Emergency Management Director Leveni 'Aho said it was nearly 300 kilometres away from the main island so there were few reports of damage at this stage.

Tonga takes delivery of inter-island ferry

The new ferry has an average speed of 24 miles per hour, which is similar to the MV Maggie that operated in Tonga last year.

MV Maui was initially meant to arrive in Tonga during the Royal Agriculture show last month but was deferred for technical reasons.

The vessel is estimated to cost about TOP$1.7 million and is being jointly funded by the people of ‘Eua and a loan from the Tonga Development Bank.

According to the Chairman of the ‘Eua Sea Transport Council, Paula Vehituai, the ferry departed Auckland for Nuku’alofa and arrived on the weekend.

China aid helps ‘Eua enjoy running spring water

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Kingdom of Tonga, Huang Huaguang, and Minister for Revenue and Custom, Tevita Lavemaau, who is also the People’s Representative for ‘Eua joined the  happy occasion.

The innovative project includes a new solar pump to bring spring water from Vai ‘a Hina, which is named by HM Queen Mother, up the 160-meter cliff in north of ‘Eua and then distributed to more than 50 houses in Houma village.