Festive season

Tonga Police report decrease in crimes over festive season

Police have confirmed the recorded criminal offences decreased from 116 to 94.

There were a total of 271 arrests with 20 related to drug offences, 42 for drunk driving and the rest from other related crimes.

Police said the overall drop in criminal offences was due to the decrease in the three prevalent offences of common assault, theft and housebreaking.

Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Vaisuai acknowledged the commitment of police staff who worked throughout the holidays to ensure peace and public safety was maintained.

Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study

A University of Copenhagen study suggests excessive use of social media can create feelings of envy.

It particularly warns about the negative impact of "lurking" on social media without connecting with anyone.

The study suggests taking a break from using social media.

The study of more than 1,000 participants, mostly women, says that "regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional well-being and satisfaction with life".


'Unrealistic social comparisons'