Former PM

CJ rules there's sufficient evidence to try former Tonga PM

Matangi Tonga reported Lord Chief Justice Paulsen made the ruling on Tuesday regarding four charges of accepting a bribe as a government servant.

The ruling overturns an initial decision by the Principal Magistrate to discharge Tu'ivakano.

The Chief Justice said the decision was made on the grounds there is a sufficiency of evidence for a trial, on a date yet to be set.

Tu'ivakano was initially charged with a total of 12 counts but in January the Principal Magistrate struck off the four counts of accepting bribes, citing a lack of evidence.

Former Tongan PM's case adjourned again

The noble's court case was expected to be heard on 9 August and has been adjourned numerous times due to various filing of document needs and related matters.

Kaniva Tonga News reported the latest adjournment was requested to allow the defence more time to prepare for the trial.

Tu'ivakano was arrested on 1 March and charged with 10 counts, including one of making a false declaration to obtain a passport, two perjury counts, five for accepting bribes and two counts of money laundering.