Heavy rain

Heavy rain and flash flood warning for Tonga

A heavy rain warning and flash flood advisory remains for the Niuas and Vava’u land areas.

Kaniva News reports a strong wind warning remains in force for the Niuas and Vava’u land areas.

At 4pm (local time) today Mona, a category one tropical cyclone, was located 810 kilometres west of Niuafo’ou and 1064km northwest Nuku’alofa.

Tropical Cyclone Mona is moving at a speed of about 18km/hr (10 knots) in a south- south-west direction.

The Tongan weather service said that on its current track the potential for Mona to affect Tonga in the next 24hrs was low

Hundreds die in Columbia landslide

Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow in the municipality, which has a population of 345,000 people, and sent mud and debris crashing into homes.

Aid officials said at least 206 people were dead.

Photos posted online by the air force have shown streets filled with mud and damaged houses, while smartphone videos on social media have shown residents searching for survivors in the debris.

Recent heavy rainfall prompts warning to boil water in Cooks

They said tap water in much of the Cook Islands comes straight from the mountains and with recent heavy rainfall it was possible it could be contaminated.

Health protection officer Charlie Ave said they have a simple message for friends visiting from across the Pacific.

"When they come here they boil the water and let it cool down before drinking, or otherwise we have UV treated water stations around the islands where they can get their water from, or buy it from the shop," said Charlie Ave.

Heavy rain as tropical low moves through Solomons

RNZ reports a tropical low is about 600 kilometres west-southwest of Rennell, and is moving southeast.

A heavy rain warning is in force for all provinces.

The meteorological service says people in low lying areas by rivers and streams should prepare for possible flooding and landslides.

Disaster officials say there are no confirmed fatalities after landslides in the capital, Honiara.



Photo by Solomon Islands Met  


Ignacio strengthens into Category 4 hurricane near Hawaii

Ignacio has grown to a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds of up to 140 mph. Forecasters at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said conditions are right for it to continue strengthening Saturday, but upper-level winds will weaken the storm in the following days.