Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

Mrs Clinton broke the news in a tweet late on Friday. She plans a formal announcement on Saturday.

Mrs Clinton passed over more left-leaning candidates in favour of the 58-year-old senator, who is a strong supporter of free-trade agreements.

His home state of Virginia is a major battleground in the coming election.

Who is Tim Kaine?

Mr Kaine speaks fluent Spanish and could help the Clinton campaign maintain its support among Hispanic Americans - a growing voting bloc.

US election: Hillary Clinton poised to announce running mate

Her announcement would come ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which is due to begin on Monday in Philadelphia.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a favourite choice among Democrats, has said she was "probably not" the choice.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has emerged as a leading contender for the role.

The women who run the world

That's three of the world's biggest economies and two of the most important financial institutions. There's also the reasonable possibility of a woman becoming the new UN Secretary General.

Obviously we don't yet know about either the US or the UN, but let's have a bit of fun and imagine for a moment a world run by women. Or at least a significant chunk of the world, including the other 22 women who run countries - in which we include monarchs, presidents and prime ministers.

What does it actually mean? What actually changes if women are in those top jobs?

Hillary Clinton emails 'endangered US' - Donald Trump

The FBI's decision not to recommend criminal charges against her is the greatest example yet that the system is rigged, he told a North Carolina rally.

Democrat Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump are their party's likely choices to do battle for the White House in November.

They are expected to be made the official nominees later this month.

FBI Director James Comey said Mrs Clinton had been careless in how she handled sensitive information but there was no case to bring criminal charges because there was no evidence of intent.

Obama, Clinton making first joint campaign appearance

Obama and Clinton are making their first joint appearance of the 2016 campaign Tuesday in North Carolina, hours after FBI Director James Comey announced he was not recommending charges be brought against Clinton for her controversial email practices at the State Department. Still, Comey's scathing criticism of Clinton — he called her "extremely careless" in her handling of classified information — ensures the matter will continue to hang over her campaign.

Clinton closing in on running mate search

This comes before she makes a decision in less than a month, several Democrats watching the process tell CNN.

With her long Democratic primary fight now over, Clinton has privately signaled she is less concerned about choosing someone who fills a specific liberal or progressive void, rather than selecting a partner who is fully prepared for the job and has a strong camaraderie with her.

Chelsea Clinton gives birth to baby boy

"Marc and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and love as we celebrate the birth of our son, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky," Ms Clinton tweeted.

The couple already have a daughter, Charlotte, born in 2014.

The little boy is the second grandchild for US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill.

Hillary Clinton describes herself as "wife, mom, grandma" in her own twitter bio.

Orlando massacre: Trump repeats calls for Muslim immigration ban, Obama says threat 'homegrown'

Gunman Omar Mateen — a New York-born Florida resident and US citizen who was the son of Afghan immigrants — was shot and killed by police early on Sunday morning after a three-hour siege, in which 49 people were killed.

Obama officially endorses Hillary Clinton

His endorsement came after meeting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who has been battling Mrs Clinton for the nomination.

Speaking in a video tweeted out by Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama said she may be the most qualified person "ever" for the role of president.

The two are set to start campaigning together soon.

Clinton 'wins Democratic nomination'

The news agency's tally puts Mrs Clinton on 2,383 - the number needed to make her the presumptive nominee.

She will become the first female nominee for a major US political party.

But rival Bernie Sanders said Mrs Clinton had not won as she was dependent on superdelegates who could not vote until July's party convention.

Mrs Clinton reached the threshold with a big win in Puerto Rico and a burst of last-minute support from superdelegates, AP said.