Mate Ma'a Tonga inspiring Tongan youth

Fran Popua 'Afeaki moved back to Tonga five years ago to work and invest back into her homeland. 

She says their league team's success on the international stage has encouraged young people to be proud of their nation.

"This team has decided to stuff the money and come back and win a world cup for us," she says. 

PRN reports 'Afeaki has a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Pacific Studies and French. She now works as a human resource manager for Tonga's Air Terminal Services. 

Lealiifano inspired by the smile of his son

Lealiifano today spoke publicly for the first time since returning to rugby and revealed the shining light that spurned him on while pushing through rigorous chemotherapy treatment in Melbourne.

"It helped me massively to know that he had zero awareness of what was going on," Lealiifano said of his son.

"To have him come into hospital and see his dad with no hair one day, no hair, no eyebrows and he still smiles and knows who you are, it's truly uplifting hey.

"You look in the mirror and you're actually sick but then you see your son and he makes you smile.