Israel Folau

'Don't be a dick, don't be like Folau' - Kiwi MP fires back at sacked rugby star's latest outburst

After the sacked Wallabies star claimed that sin is to blame for the bushfires engulfing New South Wales, Labour MP for the East Coast electorate Ms Allan fired back in Folau's direction.

Taking to Twitter, Ms Allan - who is openly gay - pointed out that she comes from a similar religious background.

"I grew up in a Pentecostal church and listened to stuff like this growing up," she wrote.

"Even though I knew it didn't sound right, there was always this internal voice wondering whether it might be.

Israel Folau to don Tongan league jersey

The Tonga National Rugby League (TNRL) has issued a statement saying that Folau, and his brother John, have been registered by the body and are now eligible to play for the hugely popular Mate Ma'a Tonga.

TNRL chair George Koloamatangi confirmed both Israel and John Folau would play in the Oceania Cup fixture against Australia on 2 November and the historic match against Great Britain a week earlier.

However, neither player is available for the World Nines tournament in October to be played in Sydney because that tournament comes under the auspices of Australia's NRL.

Cheika subjected to 'crazy' threats

Folau was sacked by Rugby Australia in May for a "high-level breach" of contract after the full-back posted "hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" on Instagram.

Cheika overlooked Folau before he was sanctioned, stating "the team is king", and the Wallabies boss has revealed that stance did not go down well with some supporters.

"People were saying all sorts of stuff," Cheika said. "Just threats I was getting; people on the street, some to my face, a couple at some games. It was just crazy stuff."

Israel Folau wants RA apology

Folau, a devout Christian, had his contract terminated by RA and the Waratahs for a "high-level breach" after he posted "hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" on Instagram.

RA and Folau failed to reach a settlement in June over the full-back's sacking and an unfair dismissal case began in court on Tuesday.

Solicitor George Haros, representing Folau, said his client is "extremely strong" and is keen for an apology as he addressed the media outside court.

Intrigue and legal strategy on eve of Israel Folau's court case with Rugby Australia

On the same day that the former Wallaby's Instagram and Twitter pagesdisappeared for up to four hours, Folau's former employer filed an application in the Federal Circuit Court to have the high profile case moved.

The organisation was not immediately available for comment, but the development could be interpreted as a legal strategy to slow proceedings.

As the "little sister" to the Federal Court, the Federal Circuit Court has a track record of moving cases through quicker than its federally-based siblings and at a lower cost.

Israel Folau's cousin let go from teaching job at prestigious Sydney Catholic school

Mr Folau worked as a tutor and boarding house supervisor at St Gregory's College at Campbelltown. He was also an alumnus of the school, who finished eighth in the state in religious studies in the 2016 Higher School Certificate.

A staff member confirmed the decision on Thursday. The school's decision came after the Sydney Morning Herald revealed Josiah's involvement in the 30-member Jesus Christ Church founded by his uncle, Israel Folau's father, Pastor Eni.

The church preaches that any Christian who is not "born again" will go to hell.

Israel Folau takes Rugby Australia to court over dismissal

The decision comes after the former Wallaby and RA failed to reach an agreement at a mediation hearing at the Fair Work Commission on June 28.

"Unfortunately, our conciliation before the Fair Work Commission did not resolve the matters between us and I have been left with no choice but to commence court action," Folau said in a statement on Thursday.

Israel Folau arrives in Liverpool to support wife Maria at Netball World Cup

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the sacked former Wallaby was spotted in Liverpool and will likely be in attendance when the Silver Ferns take on Australia on Thursday night.

Israel's contract with RA was terminated following a code of conduct hearing instigated after he shared an image on Instagram that said "hell awaits" homosexuals and other "sinners".

In an interview with Sky News last month, Israel said the fallout had been "extremely hard" on Maria, who is a high-profile sportswoman in New Zealand.

Old mates struggling to recognise rebranded Israel Folau

As Folau buries himself into fighting his sacking by Rugby Australia for airing his forthright religious views, including condemning gays to hell, it seems he is growing increasingly distant from those he used to rub shoulders with.

They believe his new entourage – which The Australian newspaper labelled "the merry band of preachers, spinmeisters, lawyers and advisers" – are taking things to a new level.

Israel Folau has 'bled Australian rugby of millions', claims former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons

FitzSimons - now a Sydney Morning Herald columnist and prominent broadcaster – gave Folau a spray on Nine's Sports Sunday television show.

He was incensed at Folau's assertion that he wanted an apology from Rugby Australia (RA) and an admission that they were wrong to sack him for posting on Instagram that homosexuals, among others, were headed for hell unless they repented.

FitzSimons' outburst was unleashed during his Sports Sunday appearance.

"Camera one on me," he said. Israel Folau and your demand for an apology… mate, bring it in tight.