Mango Tree Centre

Digicel team visits ‘hidden treasures’ of Tonga

The team in their visit was able to see firsthand the incredible work that was being done there and the constant support provided to the children. 

 Mango Tree Centre was officially commissioned this very month in 2013 with a contribution of close to $200,000 from the Government of Japan.  The Centre was built to address the immediate needs of our country in a wide range of areas that had direct impact on communal and socio-economic activities of Tonga.  It is with that same need that 5 years to-date Digicel has continued to support Mango Tree every year.

Digicel Tonga staff bring joy to children

The activity had staff of Digicel Tonga participating in a one day Volunteerism at Mango Tree Centre, Tonga’s Disability Foundation for children with special needs.

Community partnership is crucial for Digicel and continuing to focus on what matters most, ‘People and Relationships’ the CSR activity was an invaluable experience for staff.

The Digicel Team painted the Centre’s therapy hall, mowed the lawn, weeded and planted shrubs all in an effort to making a difference and giving back to the local community.

In this case…those that need it the most.  


Digicel brings Christmas joy to Mango Tree Centre children

Every child at the centre received a gift in line with the theme of Digicel’s Christmas campaign, “Bringing Joy home this Christmas”.

The Guest of Honour at today’s ceremony was Lord Fakafanua and special guests included His Excellency Mr Andrew Ford, Rev. Harmon Schmelzenbach, Rev. Aisea Vi and ofcourse Digicel representative, Mr. Dennis Fuapau.

This Christmas, Digicel focuses on what matters most, that is 'People and Relationships.'

Mango Tree Centre holds Sports Day for children with disabilities

The children have been engaged in sports like bowling, soft ball and table tennis amongst others.

The event will end tomorrow.

Digicel has maintained its strong working relationship with the Mango Tree Centre for many years now and they will continue to develop the program in the future.

Digicel was also proud to support the centre by arrangements refreshments for children.

Amanaki In-Kwon Kim who runs the Mango Tree Centre expressed his gratitude to Digicel Tonga for supporting them.