Justice League’ flies past $200 million at U.S. box office

The superhero team-up hit the figure in 19 days, taking in $1.7 million at 3,820 locations on Tuesday. “Justice League” opened below forecasts with $93.8 million on its debut weekend on Nov. 15-17 in the seventh-largest domestic launch of 2017. It then declined by 56% in its second weekend and by 59% in its third weekend with Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” winning both frames.

Julia Roberts role in Wonder left her 'speechless'

The film, out on Friday, is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by R J Palacio, and follows Auggie's journey as he takes the difficult step of his first year at school.

"For me, when I read the book, I thought it was so special, so incredible the way she had crafted the story about this family, and that's really a story about all of us," says Roberts.

Roberts's character, Isabel Pullman, home educates Auggie - played by 11-year-old Jacob Tremblay - until he is 10 before deciding to send him to school.

These friends are trying to be the "next" friends

Both have their moments, but amid a crowded sea of premium comedy wind up feeling nearly as generic as their titles.

"Friends From College" boasts a particularly good cast, and has the more "Friends"-like feel. The show focuses on a half-dozen New York friends who met at Harvard two decades ago and have remained close -- in some cases, a little too close.

PIMA member questions survey around screening Jonah from Tonga

Maori Television cancelled plans to air the Australian series "Jonah From Tonga," after an outcry from members of the Tongan community who called it racially insensitive.

40 members of the Tongan community in Auckland were surveyed by Maori Television on whether they thought it was humorous or racist.

Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy released a statement saying that just because some people who were consulted find it funny, it doesn't make it okay.

A member of the Pacific Island Media Association Adrian Stevanson said that was a very small sample size.

'Girlboss' designs flimsy coming-of-age story

Yet "Girlboss," her solo vehicle, represents a flawed design, as this Netflix half-hour about a conflicted 20-something at best feels like a diluted version of "Girls."

Adapted from Sophia Amoruso's book, "Girlboss" bills itself as a "real loose" retelling of real events. The series focuses on Sophia (Robertson), aimlessly living in San Francisco in 2006, when she seizes on the idea of reselling vintage clothing online under the company name Nasty Gal.

'Titanic' fans celebrate April 14 and other made-up movie holidays

It also has significance to fans of the 1997 blockbuster film "Titanic."

The pencil sketch Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) draws of his love Rose (Kate Winslet) is dated April 14, 1912.

But, sadly, (and this is no spoiler) their love affair was as doomed as two ships passing in the night.

Here are some other dates made famous by movies, which people now commemorate thanks to the internet.

February 2

"Groundhog Day" an actual holiday, but it's also a 1993 film.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' teaser trailer lands in our galaxy

Disney (DIS) released the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated next chapter in the "Star Wars" saga, "The Last Jedi," Friday.

The trailer followed a panel with the film's stars, director Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy that took place at the massive "Star Wars" fan gathering, Star Wars Celebration, in Orlando, Florida.

Cannibal film Raw is not meant to make you sick

"That's a shame," sighs its director Julia Ducournau as she glances at a recent article about a screening in Los Angeles.

"It clearly doesn't do justice for my movie, which is not a barf fest. I think it's very reductive."

The film, out in the UK this week, tells the story of a vegetarian student, Justine (Garance Marillier), who eats raw meat for the first time during a blood-soaked "hazing ceremony" for new recruits at veterinary school.

Sienna Miller on why her new role is not 'just a wife'

So much so that she altered a script when she thought Nina Fawcett was appearing as too much of a stereotypical "wife" - with the director framing the scrawled-on piece of paper.

The film - based on a true story - is about explorer Percy Fawcett, played by Charlie Hunnam, and his quest to find a mysterious lost city in the heart of the Amazon.

His first mission in 1906, accompanied by surveying partner Henry Costin (played by Robert Pattinson), sees them return with apparent evidence that this previously undiscovered community exists.

Hollywood screenwriter accuses Disney of stealing ideas for Zootopia

Gary Goldman, whose credits include Total Recall and Minority Report, is suing the firm and says elements of the film are based on his work.

He claims Disney copied themes, settings, plot, characters and dialogue and the title of his Zootopia concept.

Mr Goldman also claims he pitched the idea to the studio in 2000 and 2009.

The copyright infringement case suggests Disney works in "a culture that not only accepts the unauthorised copying of others' original material, but encourages it".