Oil tanker

Business steady for oil tanker accused of internet 'sabotage' in Tonga

Owners of the Duzgit Venture have admitted it could have "trapped" Tonga's internet cable with an anchor in January.

The incident, which left Tonga with drastically cut internet services for 12 days, has been described by Tonga's internet provider as sabotage.

A shipping manager with the Duzgit Venture's local agent, Dateline Shipping, said he's handed over vessel data to the police.

But Fine Tohi said the tanker is still servicing Tonga and made a delivery on Wednesday.

US Navy collision: Remains found in hunt for missing sailors

The discovery came when divers were sent down to search inside the USS John S McCain, now berthed at Singapore's Changi naval base.

The collision with a Liberian-flagged ship happened before dawn on Monday as the US vessel made a routine port call.

The US has since ordered a worldwide "operational pause" of its navy fleet.

It was the fourth crash involving a US Navy ship in a year, and the second in the past two months.

The collision ripped open the port side of the US vessel, flooding parts of the ship including crew compartments.