Pacific Fashion Festival

‘Rio in the Pacific’ to start in Australia

The dress theme of the third PFF to be held this Saturday, October 8, in Australia has been set as “Rio in the Pacific”.

The theme choice is tied with the Rio Olympic game that took place in August this year.

To get the audience involved, local ‘Milagro’ band will play tunes to set the mood of Rio and guests have been encouraged to dress in their own creative interpretation of Rio in the Pacific.

According to the organisers, each year, a different city is featured in the theme. Last year was ‘Paris in the Pacific’.

It’s on again - Pacific Fashion Festival 2016

Pacific Fashion Festival 2016 has been described as the spectacle of art, design and history translated into fashion and this year will bring 12 designers, 45 models and 84 looks.

It will be a “show not to be missed”, according to the organisers, who have notched it up higher, bringing the event to an exclusive venue, at The Edge, Stanley Place, South Brisbane.

Also, behind the PFF lies a higher purpose and vision.