Prime Minister

Tonga's prime minister in hospital

It is understood the 77-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia and is recovering.

His media spokesperson Lōpeti Senituli told Kaniva News last night that Mr Pohiva is fine.

In a previous interview, Mr Pōhiva told Kaniva News said his routine check-ups with his doctors showed he was healthy but he said he sometimes felt the burden of his duties for the country.

In January last year, he was admitted into Vaiola hospital in a "stable condition."

Tonga PM supports King’s decision on petitions

The petitions also called for the establishment of an independent commission to investigate allegations of mal-administration and abuse of authority by the Prime Minister and his Ministers and others associated with him; consider establishing an interim government that was independent to organize new Legislative Assembly elections and to support the work of the independent commission.

Petition calls for Tonga PM's resignation

The group, understood to contain both foreign based and local Tongans, has launched an online fundraiser in an effort to raise capital so that they can promote their cause.

The campaigners said a united stance is needed against what they allege is government lawlessness and corruption.

They said they need finances for a campaign to gather support and inform people of the issues.

O’Neill re-elected PM of Papua New Guinea

Loop PNG reports O’Neill was sworn in by Governor General Sir Bob Dadae in Parliament yesterday afternoon.

After his People's National Congress emerged as the party with the most MPs from PNG's lengthy national election, Mr O'Neill has gained enough support in the parliament to begin a second five year term in the position.

The Ialibu-Pangia MP-elect was nominated by Abau MP Puka Temu, before Mt Hagen MP William Duma seconded the motion and Tari MP James Marape closed the nomination.

O’Neill boasts about building many roads

“In 2012, when we took office only 23 per cent of all our roads (national highways) in the country were said to be in a good condition; today, I can tell you that over 50 per cent of roads in the country are classified as in good condition,” O’Neill said during the launching of PNC campaign for the election today in Port Moresby.   

“We (PNC led government) have rebuilt over 3,000km of roads throughout the country, but we have further 10, 000km we have to attend to, these are key major roads linking all our towns, cities and districts.”

“We are not your enemy,” senior TBC journalist tells Pohiva at press conference

Petelō told the Prime Minister: “We are not your enemy.”

The Prime Minister told her to move on from that but Petelo responded instantly: “I need to state it clearly.”

The Prime Minister talked again, but Petelō interrupted and told him “we are the scapegoat” and said the TBC did not hold an ill feeling towards him.

Kaniva News reports Petelō told the Prime Minister the TBC did not want to report anything bad about him.

Tonga PM no confidence motion tabled in parliament

The motion was tabled in parliament on Monday by Lord Tu'iha'angana, one of seven Nobles' Representatives who signed it.

Three People's Representatives also put their name to the motion, former Deputy Prime Minister Samiu Vaipulu, Vili Hingano and Fe'ao Vakata who Mr Pohiva sacked for misconduct last year.

Tonga PM's troubles may save him - academic

'Akilisi Pohiva's government will face a motion in parliament next week.

His two years in office have been fraught with accusations of inaction, opposition to changes in the education sector and the proposed signing of a women's rights convention, and the loss of two cabinet ministers to bribery charges and misconduct.

However Massey University's Malakai Koloamatangi said it looked like government MPs would have to cross the floor for the vote to be successful.

RNZ reports Dr Koloamatangi said the criticism that Mr Pohiva has come under may actually help him.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in surprise resignation

Called it "the hardest decision I've ever made," an emotional Mr Key said "I don't know what I'll do next".

Deputy PM Bill English is likely to take over until the National Party holds a caucus to choose a new PM.

Mr Key, a popular leader, is stepping down at the request of his wife Bronagh, the New Zealand Herald reports.

He won a third term for the National Party at elections in September 2014. He said he would not be contesting the 2017 election.


'Nothing left'

Tonga PM told to stop interfering with Pacific Games prep

'Akilisi Pohiva has told parliament he has doubts that the country will be ready in time to host the Games.

He said the government had still not found land to build an 18-hole golf course for the Games and the scheduled upgrade of the Teufaiva Stadium was also in doubt.

But the CEO of the Games Organising Committee, Lord Sevele, said a new golf course is not necessary.