More residents repatriated to Tahiti after Covid-19 wait in France

The French High Commission said the chartered Air Tahiti Nui plane carried, apart from freight, returning residents and members of mobile police squad who would be quarantined in the barracks.

Four more such flights are planned until the end of June when scheduled airline services are expected to resume.

Hundreds of residents remain stranded in France, with no additional plans to accelerate their return.

Meanwhile, the government eased restrictions on the sale of alcohol so designated wine shop and liquor outlets can open except for Sunday afternoons.

29 Covid-19 cases on Ecuadorian ship off Tahiti

The ship, the Charo, which had been at sea for a month, had anchored in an uninhabited bay off Nuku Hiva yesterday where doctors tested all sailors.

One of the crew was flown by the French military from Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas to the main hospital in Tahiti in an operation which also involved the urgent medical aid service, SAMU, and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Tahiti.

A government statement said the patient, who was described as a suspected Covid-19 case, was put on reanimation and kept in isolation to protect other patients.

Tahiti call to revisit alcohol sale ban

A group working against domestic violence in Tahiti has raised its concerns in a letter to the president Edouard Fritch and the French High Commissioner Dominique Sorain, saying the ban has unintended consequences.

After widespread partying in defiance of restrictions, the sale of alcohol was stopped in late March for two weeks but the ban has been extended until the end of the curfew on 29 April.

The ban was also justified as a measure to reduce violence within the family.

Frozen shark find in Chinese ship in sanctuary alarms Tahiti group

In the letter, the Mao Mana Foundation asked for clarification after the French High Commission reacted to the incident by saying no foreign ship was engaged in fishing activities in French Polynesia's waters.

French Polynesia was the world's largest shark sanctuary and by law it was forbidden to possess or transport protected species, be they dead or alive.

One more positive Covid-19 case in Tahiti

The tally also shows that the number of carriers in hospital is unchanged at one.

All cases are concentrated on Tahiti and Moorea.

Travel restrictions between islands are in force and there is a nightly curfew until at least 15 April.

A ban on the sale of alcohol has been extended to last until restrictions on movement are lifted.


Isolation ends for a group in Tahiti

They are subject to all the restrictions in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, meaning they have to respect the curfew and need to carry a written attestation to justify their movements.

The government said those who are from the outer islands will have to await the lifting of the restrictions.

37 people have tested positive since the outbreak of the epidemic in French Polynesia three weeks ago.

One of the carriers is in hospital.


Tahiti confirms another Covid-19 case

One of the carriers is in hospital care.

The latest update shows that for three consecutive days there has been an increase of the tally by just one.

All cases are in Tahiti and Moorea.

The first case was recorded three weeks ago.


Tahiti Covid-19 cases climb to 30

The government said one of them is in hospital.

According to a visiting WHO official, the infections are all in Tahiti and Moorea.

There are no reports of suspected cases in the outer islands but a number of students arriving in Rangiroa from Tahiti last week were isolation with symptoms of the illness.

The Swiss tourist who fell ill with the virus when he arrived in Fakarava has recovered in Tahiti.


Tahiti tourist exodus continues amid flight cancellations

The French High Commission in French Polynesia said since last Friday a total of 2600 tourists had been able to fly out of Tahiti.

This Friday, a last flight bound for France is scheduled to take off before regular services are suspended until at least late April.

The High Commission said since the start of the crisis an air bridge set up with the domestic carrier Air Tahiti had allowed 2,500 holiday makers to fly from the outer islands back to Tahiti.

Tahiti stops sale of alcohol amid Covid-19 crisis

The ban issued by the economics minister Teva Rohfritsch will be in force until April the 5th and follows a weekend of incidents in which people ignored limits on private and public gatherings.

Earlier, president Edouard Fritch said alcohol consumption had posed enormous problems.

Reports say orders to stay home have been widely ignored, prompting warnings that a curfew might be imposed.

23 people have tested positive to the virus in the territory.