Families shop in preparation for new school year

The back-to-school shopping comes hot on the heels of expenses for Christmas and New Year festivities.

However, many families prepared well and are able to shop for their school children’s needs.

One of the bank’s in Tonga, the Bank of the South Pacific is offering some relief to parents by way of personal loans.

 “We know Education is important and sending a child to school with all that they require is important so we understand that most people will need extra cash for shoes, uniform, text books, fees and even travel.

Man dies after mistakenly drinking toxic chemical in Tonga

The man was hospitalised for about a week at Vaiola Hospital in Nuku'alofa before he died.

A medical officer said the toxic chemical was classified under weed killers and it is highly toxic if consumed by human being.


Tongans observe week of prayer as 2016 begins

Christian churches are holding services throughout the week and are calling on their members to use the week in giving themselves back to God’s service.

The week is an important one for Tonga, which is one of the most religious countries in the world.

Reigning Lavengamalie Cup champions bundled out in semi-final

Toloa tried their best to put on a strong performance at Teufaiva Park in Nuku’alofa yesterday afternoon.

However, Marist was determined to avenge their loss to Toloa in pool play and did just that.

Marist Team Manager Tafu Wolfgram admitted it was not easy beating Toloa.

 “It was a tough game but the players just stuck it out and played to what we had planned.”

The semi-finals for the premier division have ended and the winning teams will now progress to the finals at Teufaiva Park on Saturday.

Marist will face-off with Spartans.


Police investigate suspicious death after remains of German national found in ‘Eua

When contacting Police the divers said “they had found human remains, tied with a rope on the ankles to a rock on the seabed” Matangi Tonga report said.

The finding came after Borner was reported missing to Police on December 28, 2015.

Artists work on 25m printed tapa

It is an impressive 25m ngatu (painted tapa) titled ‘The Avenue’.

The artwork is part of their Ko e Hala Hangatonu (The Straight Path) series and will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia.

The impressive ngatu honours traditional Tongan design while incorporating contemporary themes.



Tongan artists participate in art exhibition: ‘PUTAHI’

The exhibition brings together artwork produced by local Maori and international Pacifica artists at the University of Waikato’s 'Art Hui'.

Artists involved have come from across the Pacific, including Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and Tahiti.

Tonga Customs collects 10 million pa'anga in December

The amount is said to be the highest collected for December in the past five years.

The revenue is derived from goods imported from overseas.

CEO of the Customs, Mr Kelemete Vahe said December is a busy month with festivities and Tongans bring many goods from abroad.

He said most of the goods are food and mainly red meat.

Mr Vahe expressed gratitude to people for not adding difficulties to the tasks of Customs officers by importing illegal goods.

He said there were no illegal firearms, drugs or other illegal items.

State of emergency declared to beat Sunday laws in Tonga

The category three storm swept to the north of Vava'u over the weekend, causing minimal damage, although a state of emergency was declared by the Prime Minister beforehand.

Paula Ma'u from the National Emergency Committee says there has been confusion over why the declaration was made.

Former Tongan MP to appeal against election ruling

Last month the Speaker of Parliament confirmed that Mateni Tapueluelu's Tongatapu seat was now vacant following the December court ruling.

The Attorney-General 'Aminiasi Kefu brought the case after he discovered Mr Tapueluelu had possibly breached electoral laws by failing to pay court fines.