Tongan deportees

Deportees to help young Tongans

The men are Muli ki Fai’ana Vehikite, Vivili Moala,‘Ila Mo’unga, Kahuni Latu and Latu Liava’a.

Kaniva News reports they will work with the Dare to Dream Foundation, which has been registered with the Registrar of Business and Societies in Nuku’alofa.

The Foundation is waiting for a Certificate of Registration.

Linda Tu’ihalangingie, Pelenatita Kara, Dr.  Veleveni Moala and Meleane Fatafehi Tuakalau have been appointed to the Board.

Tongan overseas deportees discussed in Auckland

Kaniva News reports Mr Pohiva said the Tongan government was not told about the crimes they had committed overseas.

The Tongan Prime Minister told a Tongan audience in Mangere last evening this put Tongan society at risk.

After the deportees arrived in Tonga they were released into the community and there was nothing the government could do to make sure they would do no more harm to the society.

Mr Pohiva said it was important for the government to be informed so they could alert people if any criminal deportees moved into the community.