Tuna stocks

Pacific tuna fishery on track to return US$1 billion

The community's director general, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, said the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, or PNA, and the Forum Fisheries Agency are increasing returns to their member states.

The PNA controls the world's largest, sustainable tuna purse seine fishery which is valued at US$6 billion annually.

Dr Tukuitonga says it returned $US60 million to the region in 2010 which increased to US$500 million in 2017.

Tuna nations bid to climate-proof EEZs and other initiatives likely to help Tonga

'This is one of the most important things the PNA is going to start looking at,' PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru said when briefing Pacific Editors on issues which may arise at the 15th Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Honolulu.

‘We want to make sure that even if their land disappears that they don’t lose their EEZ,’ he said