Five-year-old caught driving parents' car in Utah

Five-year-old Adrian took the family car, and was only caught when police in Utah state stopped him on the freeway.

A patrolman spotted the SUV weaving across lanes at 30mph (50km/h), and issued a traffic stop, duly obeyed by the driver.

He was shocked to discover the child behind the wheel, who said he was on his way to buy a Lamborghini.

The boy told police that he had left home after his mother refused to buy him the luxury vehicle - lower-priced models cost over $180,000 (£144,000) - which sparked an argument.

Tongan in custody on homicide charges

According to a press release issued by Bountiful Police Wednesday, police responded to a residence near 1400 East Lakeview Drive Sunday.

A family member who had not seen their loved one in several days found 50-year-old Rand Hatch deceased. Police say there was evidence to indicate trauma and noted Hatch’s vehicle had been stolen from the residence.

The investigation led police to 22-year-old Taniela Siale Lopiseni Salakielu, who was identified as a person of interest. After interviewing Salakielu, police say the man admitted to arguing with Hatch at Hatch’s residence.

Man on the run after stabbing father and sister

At approximately 10:13 p.m. Friday, Sione Vaitai, 26, was engaged in a dispute with family members at Mount View Drive in Sandy, Sandy police said.

During the dispute, Vaitai obtained a large knife and assaulted his father and juvenile sister, police said.

Local media report officers responded to the home but Vaitai had already fled the scene. The two victims were transported to local hospitals in critical condition.

Police have not been able to locate Vaitai, who is described as a male Polynesian, 6-feet tall and 300 pounds with dark hair.

Driver who caused death of Tongan pregnant mum in Utah charged

Nephi Adelino Makaya, 26, was charged in 3rd District Court with manslaughter, a second-degree felony, and driving on a revoked license, a class C misdemeanor.

He was cited for not having proof of insurance and not having his vehicle registered, said Deputy Salt Lake County District Attorney Sandi Johnson.

After the July 25 2016 crash, Makaya’s blood tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana, according to charging documents.

'I did not want him to die that day,' says Heneli Kaufusi who killed wife's ex-husband

He was only trying to protect his family.

"Never meant for him to die that day," he told a Utah court on Wednesday. "I did not want him to die that day."

But while Morris conceded that the original fight may have been a case of self-defense, there came a point when it went well beyond that. And because of that, there are consequences that Kaufusi will have to face for his actions.

"I agree with everyone who said this was a tragedy, and I agree that whatever I do, there are no winners. There are only losers today," the judge said before handing down his sentence.

Ever heard of ‘clear the air’ challenge?

What it had people doing was clear the air between each other.

To be more specific, this is the only time you allow someone to tell you what they think about you, without responding or reacting, even if it was offensive to you.

Many updated their status on Facebook:

“Anyone who comments their name under my status, I'm going to reply how I honestly feel about you, whether I know you personally or not”.

Originality of this challenge is unknown, although there is another clear the air challenge that existed since 2009.

Testimony: Sione Mangisi died of head injuries, court told

In her conclusion the Utah Assistant Medical Examiner Pamela Ulmer testified to the Davis County   District Court that “Sione Mangisi’s cardiovascular health may have also contributed to his death. She ruled the manner of death as homicide”.

Police arrested Heneli (Henry) Kalainisi Kaufusi, 35, on October 14, 2015 and charged him with first-degree felony murder in relation to the death of Mangisi.

Zion National Park floods trapped 7 people in narrow canyon

Known as a slot canyon, the passage is as narrow as a window in some spots and several hundred feet deep. Flooding can turn such canyons into deadly channels of fast-moving water and debris in just minutes.

A sudden deluge of rain fueled the flood, which "went from a trickle to a wall" of water, park ranger Therese Picard said.

Utah boy survived night in woods by curling up in warm rocks


"It was weird not having anybody with me, but I just kept going. I knew I had to make it back or my family would be really sad," Malachi Bradley said.

Malachi had been learning about wild mushrooms, and he wandered deep into the woods searching for new specimens after a hike with family to a mountain lake.

"I went way too far," he said.

Rescue crews search for 10-year-old boy in Utah forest

The Deseret News reports Malachi Bradley's family last saw him near the Paradise Park Campground in Ashley National Forest.

Uintah County Sheriff's Corporal Brian Fletcher told the Salt Lake Tribune that trained personnel from neighbouring counties as well as the Ute Indian Tribe are traveling the area on ATVs searching for the boy.

A Department of Public Safety helicopter also is assisting in the search.