Cyclone Gita could become Cat 4 as it heads to Tonga

Niue was spared the full force of Tropical Cyclone Gita overnight but the category three cyclone is heading towards Tonga and picking up strength.

The cyclone tore through Samoa and American Samoa causing major damage on both islands.

The cyclone was upgraded to a category three last night as it passed Niue, but it's now making its way towards Tonga and could possibly become a category four.

Weather reports said the cyclone would be close to Niue as it headed towards Tonga but the system shifted overnight and instead curved around Niue.

Opposition MP Terry Coe said Niue was lucky to have escaped Gita's fury.

"The wind is quite strong but not over the 100 kph or anything like that, we are all right and I think because it's gone on other side of island, it's won't have done damage at all, we are so lucky," he said.

Chief of Niue police, Tony Edwards, said there were no reports of damage at this stage.

"We have staff roaming around now to assess whether there are any damages around, but it's looking really good," he said.

"The community responded really well to the advice given and everyone was well prepared for Gita but thankfully it passed by."

The Red Cross in Tonga is advising the public to be prepared as Cyclone Gita approaches.


Photo file Caption: Niue



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