Deportees to help young Tongans

Five Tongan deportees from the United States will use their life stories to help other people.

The men are Muli ki Fai’ana Vehikite, Vivili Moala,‘Ila Mo’unga, Kahuni Latu and Latu Liava’a.

Kaniva News reports they will work with the Dare to Dream Foundation, which has been registered with the Registrar of Business and Societies in Nuku’alofa.

The Foundation is waiting for a Certificate of Registration.

Linda Tu’ihalangingie, Pelenatita Kara, Dr.  Veleveni Moala and Meleane Fatafehi Tuakalau have been appointed to the Board.

“Tonga has entered a stage whereby, one can seriously doubt the future of its future generation,” a spokeswoman for the foundation said.

“Juvenile crimes as well as some juvenile social related issues have risen so high in the last couple of years, with no clear solution in sight.

“Issues such as drugs and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, early high school drop-outs and  teen prostitution are just some of the most pressing issues we face every day that directly affects the lives of our youth.”

The Foundation plans to offer troubled young people a six month boot camp to instill the  core  Tongan values  of  fefaka’apa’apa’aki (mutual respect), feveitokai’aki (sharing, cooperating and fulfilment of mutual obligations), lototō (humility and generosity) and tauhi vaha’a (loyalty and commitment).

“This will be the bedrock of any of the youth that will be undertaking our programmes,” the foundation’s spokeswoman said.

“No doubt, they will come out wiser, matured and be more responsible.”

“We want to be sure that their self-destructive behaviours are completely broken and they have completely recovered and have healed emotionally.

“We don’t want to fall into the traps of providing short term solutions with no real permanent positive effects.”

Young people who successfully complete the course will become members of the Foundation.