Digicel partners with Talitha Project to stop cyber bullying

As Tonga continues to grow rapidly in its access to mobile and internet technology, cyber security and safety has become a key priority.

There are consultations at all levels amongst Government and stakeholders to ensure everyone plays their part for a safer and more secure online experience for all. 

With that in mind, Digicel Tonga Ltd in partnership with Talitha Project is inviting all schools in Tongatapu to participate in an awareness competition this month. 

The main objective is to ‘stop cyber bullying’ and create an awareness amongst the community with the focus to educate children about a safer online experience. 

The competition will allow the schools to express their views about what they feel ‘Cyber Bullying’ is as well as discuss how it affects the school.

Students will also be able to recommend steps that the school will take to essentially ‘stop cyber bullying’ and demonstrate this in a one minute video presentation. 

Ragigia Dawai of Digicel Tonga and Vanessa Heleta of Talitha Project have been visiting schools in Tongatapu to promote the competition.

The roadshow continues this week and there is an open invitation to all schools to participate in the competition.



Photos by Digicel Tonga