Dry weather ahead for Tonga

Drier weather has been forecast for most of Tonga up to July, except for Niuafo’ou, with the dry season starting on 1 May.

However, the outlook for August to October is mixed with more dry weather expected for Niuafo’ou, Ha’apai and Nuku’alofa, while the rest of the country is forecast to experience average to above average rainfall, according to the Tonga Meteorological Services climate update (refer table 1 above).

There is also a lower chance (50%) of El Nino developing with the outlook decreased from El Nino Alert to El Nino Watch.

Last month, above average rainfall was recorded in Niuatoputapu, Vava’u, Nuku’alofa and ‘Eua while below average rainfall was recorded in Niuatoputapu, Ha’apai and Fua’amotu. The mean temperature was 26.5oC which was 0.1oC warmer than average. The highest maximum temperature was 32.7oC on April 1 in Niuatoputapu with the lowest minimum temperature of 20.2oC recorded in ‘Eua on April 13. 

Tonga Met encourages the public to be aware of the current weather situation and stay alert at all times to forecasts and warnings provided.