Māori TV to screen controversial series Jonah from Tonga

New Zealand's Māori Television will screen a controversial comedy series that has provoked criticism from Tongans living in the United States.

Air New Zealand pulled Jonah from Tonga from its inflight entertainment as a result of the criticism.

But Māori TV's Head of Content Mike Rehu says Māori TV was open-minded about showing the series.

He said consultations with Auckland's Tongan community showed generally positive feedback.

Mr Rehu said Tongans can see the show's sensitive but also realised it was satire.

"That's the thing with satire, it does challenge people sometimes. It's always tough when you're dealing with satire and it's a thin line, but we believe that it's social commentary about new immigrants to a society not necessarily just Tongans, so there's social commentary and insight there as well."