NZ Court of Appeal upholds 6 year sentence for Tongan man

The New Zealand Court of Appeal has upheld a six year sentence served on Unaloto Ki Polutu Tonga Lufe.

Lufe was convicted before Judge Treston on a charge of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, attempting to pervert the cause of justice and breaching release conditions.

Kaniva News reports Lufe appealed against the length of his sentence and the ruling that he must serve a minimum of three years.

At his original trial, Lufe pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to pervert the cause of justice and breaching release conditions.

He denied the charge of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, but was convicted by a jury.

The jury found he had strangled a woman twice while she was six months pregnant.

The court report said Lufe had used “extreme and repeated violence” against the woman.

“There is an inherent danger to life associated with such attacks, and the victim’s description of the effects of the attacks on her compels the conclusion that her life was endangered,” the court report said.

“The victim was vulnerable. She was six months’ pregnant.

“The attack occurred in the victim’s home, a place where she is entitled to be secure and safe.”

The Court of appeal therefore upheld the cumulate sentence for all the offences of six years and said it would have upheld a longer sentence..

However, it reduced the minimum period to be served to two years and three months.