Pacific artist to share notions of indigenous feminism

Exploring indigenous feminism will be discussed by Pacific artist Ane Tonga this week.

The Auckland Art Gallery is running the women-in-arts talk series as part of talks to celebrate the contribution of women to the arts.

There's two Pacific artists participating, visual artist Janet Lilo, and artist and curator Ane Tonga.

Ms Tonga said she would share notions of indigenous feminism from a Tongan perspective.

"What's really interesting about that is that our feminism also includes our men because it's a shared by its sovereignty and I think those are the types of complexities or I guess richness of being a Pacific women and what we think is feminism, and I hope that we will be able to explore and share," she said.

The two women are the only Pacific participants in this programme, and will be presenting their session on Wednesday.


Photo: Auckland Art Gallery. Caption: Janet Lilo (L) Ane Tonga (R)